Welcome to Lapland Hide, in the middle of nowhere!

Lapland Hide is a beautiful unique destination hidden in Finnish Lapland and located 300km north from the Arctic Circle. It invites you to enjoy an outstanding wilderness holiday!

Lapland Hide is an ideal holiday destination for adventurous travelers providing stunningly beautiful views of the Lapland scenery.

Over the years Lapland Hide has served several famous Finnish Leaders and politicians. In 2013 Lapland Copters Ltd acquired this highly exclusive location from the well-known Finnish corporation Nokia Ltd. This destination is of unrivalled natural beauty and is now open for everyone to enjoy!

Located near the River Lätäseno, Lapland Hide provides great opportunities for salmon and trout fishing, hunting, trekking or just relaxing and taking in the sights. It offers a private setting, which is home to certain wildlife that is indigenous only to the Lapland wilderness such as reindeer, elk, eagles and wolverine. There is also the opportunity to travel to the Arctic Ocean (160km north of Lapland Hide) with the possibility of whale watching.

Lapland Hide provides both accommodation and a tailor-made selection of excursions to suit all guests. The tours offer unique examples of the diverse Lapland climate, exhibiting the Midnight Sun in the summer and the Northern Lights in the winter. The purest European climate and spring water awaits you, providing an unforgettable experience under starry and polar blue sky. All of this is crowned by Lapland Master Chef Cuisine, which is second to none!

The Lapland Hide holiday destination consists of two separate waterfront houses that are equipped with electricity and running pure spring tap water. The main building is exactly 250m2 and includes six bedrooms and a beautiful suite. There is a tile stone fireplace in the large living room, which creates an atmosphere of warmth and beauty. The wood stove sauna and the patio provide gentle steam and a place for physical and mental relaxation. The cottage near the river is 60m2 and includes a kitchen, a living room, bedroom for four persons and a sauna. The total beds available sleep 10 persons.

Lapland Hide is located in the northern Lapland region, in the municipality of Enontekiö. There are no direct roads leading to Lapland Hide and so exotic vehicles are therefore needed for the journey, which enhance the overall experience!

The distance to Lapland Hide from the nearest village of Markkina is about 16km. In the winter you can travel by the Lapland Express snow bus (which seats 12 passengers) or for the more adventurous guest you may travel by snowmobile. The trip can also be made by air via helicopter from either Hetta or Kittilä airport (the distance from Hetta is about 100km and from Kittilä 160km). In the summer it is also possible to make the trip by helicopter or by boat departing from Markkina.

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